The thought that became…

So dolls I have decided to re-brand my lifelong dream job.. fashion designing for those of  you who don’t know :). the label that is Chislev. never heard of it before?
Oh well, Chislev is a dragonlance god that embodies the act of instinct, wild ones and the beast mother. She believes the soul grows by releasing thought and instinct, and giving in to primal urges. She is the power of the natural world and all things wild. Just like Chislev, I embody these same traits.. I am basically a Chislev evolution. embodying the wild ones that dare to be simply AMAZING! those are true fashion trendsetters *wink*. not just dress making, Chislev is the label that will change the business and lifestyle that is fashion. So many surprises up for you birdies it makes the hardwork worth it.
Right so now that you know.. i’m going to get back to work! what is the first thing an aspiring designer should do to start out her label? I think it should be creating a team of brilliant minds. I would love to hear your thoughts….
Mode J’adore!

About modej'adore

I love Fashion! Health, beauty, hair and entertainment blogger. Abide by my rules and governance so you shall prosper!....Go forth and be FABULOUS!! MODE J'ADORE! (I love Fashion).
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