Heiress to the Hair…….


Our hair is our crown. the very definition of whom we are or aspire to be. clean cut, tomboy, curly, straight, long or short to name a few help create a certain persona. We like to get creative with our hair, using weaves, extensions, braids/plaits to achieve these looks. in the midst of all the diverse styles nowadays we neglect our own natural hair so why don’t we talk about that shall we?……


black woman hair breakage
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  Now let us nappy haired ladies celebrate ourselves for making one of the best decisions we probably have made recently….HEALTHY HAIR!!! CHEMICAL FREE!! HURRAY WE DID IT!! now i know it’s not easy to brush the terribly shrunk, thick or curly hair but i am going to talk about all the steps and routines that worked for me at least. I hope it works for yours as well.

    My hair texture is soft, curly and most of all sensitive so back then when i would relax my hair it would get extra soft and just break mercilessly. It didn’t matter how well i had oiled it or played by the ‘rules’ it just kept breaking and never grew. Out of frustration, i cut my hair and decided to go natural. anyways fast forward to the good stuff.. i read about natural hair and how to grow it and that long process everyone talks about.. too lazy to do all that so here are my treatment regimens. I hope it works for you.


Personally i don’t wash my hair with shampoo. any form of shampoo has sulphate in it and that dries out my hair and causes breakage and even if it doesn’t break my hair, it would give me a dry scalp (dry in the sense that my scalp can’t retain oil, it dries out). so instead i condition my hair three times and then deep condition or a wash and go (basically leave-in conditioner). i like to use a lot of products in my hair when i wash so i make a mixture of some oils i’d be talking about later on when i condition my hair. it’s not scientifically proven but i feel like it just works on my hair growth a lot more this way (female Intuition) 🙂 🙂 😉

After i wash and dry my hair, i have a formula. this formula is to be used regularly.

-100% Coconut Oil (i make mine,view next post for a ‘HOW-TO’)images

-Almond Oil


-Olive Oil


-Jojoba Oil


-Argan Oil


-At least two or three hair growth creams


-Pink Oil (they don’t really make them anymore but ‘motions’ is a good recommendation)


i mix these products portioned in a jar and make sure it’s properly blended and then use that on my scalp and tips everyday. the secret to getting best results are to eat a lot of fruits and to use this mixture religiously. when we have weaves on it’s harder but try to reach your scalp and oil it. Also, if you have a similar hair texture to mine avoid applying pressure to the frontline of the hair as in tight corn rows for weaves, braids etc.. it saves you from losing your front hair so easily. i recommend a co-wash every week or two.

Let’s Go Over All We Have Learnt Shall We?

-Avoid Shampoos like a plague

-Condition more

-Oil your scalp….ALOT LOT LOT….

-Wash your hair often= Don’t keep weaves in for too long.


make sure you steam and do the hot oil treatment often…it helps to retain moisture and keep your scalp healthy. and also trim your tips to keep your hair healthy. Ouuu one more thing…. if your hair is too thick you could spray it with a little water before you brush it. it prevents breakage.

                        SO THERE YOU HAVE IT!!! GO FORTH AND GROW YOUR HAIR!!!

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I love Fashion! Health, beauty, hair and entertainment blogger. Abide by my rules and governance so you shall prosper!....Go forth and be FABULOUS!! MODE J'ADORE! (I love Fashion).
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