African Prints…the whole nine Yards!!!

It’s so exciting to wear such beautiful garment, i got dressed up in african print attire today and i had so much fun through out the day wearing it YAY! i got so many compliments it was amazing…okay i’d stop gushing now and tell you about the outfit and what exactly im dolled in…

Yoruba (tribe in Nigeria) females have an extravagant style and so they wear a head tie called the ‘gele’ and a  top with a wrap round bottom called the ‘Iro and buba’…i was dolled in a mordern version of this traditonal garment called ‘Oleku’ which can be worn anyhow you prefer..the wrapper can be worn as a long skirt or as a short skirt….Ladies pick up a beautiful print material and start rocking this fab outfit! i know i was in fashion heaven wearing the garment :*

PS:- It was a really busy day i couldnt take that many pictures. Sorry dolls. :*

How do i look?

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I love Fashion! Health, beauty, hair and entertainment blogger. Abide by my rules and governance so you shall prosper!....Go forth and be FABULOUS!! MODE J'ADORE! (I love Fashion).
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