You can buy clothes….but you cant buy swag!

Morning Birdies! do you ever think that someone else is gonna rock that beautiful dress better than you would just before you buy it at the store? Like a mental competition with imaginary shopperholics like you? Yeah I do that too. haha! That just makes it that much more interesting cos i’d want to kill the outfit with the perfect accessories and I wouldn’t lazy shop too. I think it’s healthy in a way because i wouldn’t leave the mall till i find a good bargain and WIN my mental competition. I mean what fashionista likes to loose? 

        How about the celebrities that don’t go to the malls by themselves,how are they going to win the competition when infact it’s a real life competition for them? 😦 celebrities are found wearing the same garments and dresses at red carpet events or even on a casual day. I know I’m routing for my top style icons though! I mean who can rock an outfit better than my girl Robyn Rihanna Fenty!.. Who wore it better? I think rihanna wins….All day!


J-Lo looks like a bag of Chips…snorreee

from the hair to the shoes… Robyn is swag!

Riri owns those shoes! swaggg

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We Love Ora in Fashion city ^_^

She’s diverse,Outlandish and classy. My own fashion role can tell that she’s clearly living the fashion doll dream! My own dream….droooolll… Rita Ora is a British raised Kosovo born 22year old, singer,actress and songwriter. She’s so awesome she rose to stardom in her early years. her style is so amazing I think i said that already haha! Do you love her too or what?! she can rock the casual outlandish look and keep it classy at the end of the day! I wanna be like Rita Ora style gods hear my fashion prayers! let’s say the fashion prayer together,remember the one i posted up earlier on my blog? *one minute silence* Amennnnn

Mode J’adore!

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Fashion DOs and Fashion Don’t even think about it guys…

The awesome thing about fashion is that everyone can make it their own. It’s like writing a personal statement everyday and we all have our fashion musts and fashion Must Not!!! these are mine..i mean i love shoes to the death but there are some shoes id never be caught dead in…even if my style evolves or on my wedding day.. they are strappy shoes (dont know a tehnical name for those x_x). there are only a few i can manage like:

You’d probably tell that im a bit of Edge and class bottled up in one. One of the main reasons why i don’t like the kind of strappy heels I’m about to share with you guys is that i’ve got slim and long feet so they wouldn’t really look fab on me. Always remember to study your body and work with what best suits you. That way you can build on your style and create a unique look for yourself. You have a unique body, one that no one else in the world has just like you so make the world a beautiful place by creating a new and exciting look! GO AND BE THE FABULOUS TRENDSETTER LADIES! NOUS AIMONS LA MODE,N’EST-CE PAS?


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Sheesh it must be the SHISHAA!!!

Hi birdies, so my new addiction is Shisha! i love the variety of flavors out there and right now i’m loving the two apples flavor its yum yum!! the buzz is not too drastic.. it’s an exciting bubbly feeling. A very lovely way to kick back and enjoy a private time, what are your favorite shisha flavors? Post up your shisha moments too, peep mine…

P.S-To get that photo fabulous shisha smoke thickness like mine, add a little milk to your water pot and voila! 🙂

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Out with the Old…In with the new!

Out with the Old…In with the new!.

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Out with the Old…In with the new!

Hey there birdies! I have been away for so long, I missed you all…there’s so much to catch up with you guys on…are you excited?hehe i have got a couple of additions to my wardrobe…photo ups coming real soon and i cant wait to rock them…my newest most annoying pet peeves is wearing a long dress that isn’t long enough and just sits above the ankle? is it just me? those are so annoying ughhhhhh…anyways I’m rambling off now…buckle up and sit tight insane photos coming your way! woohoo 😀

PEEKABOO! rocking my new designer shades…one sunny day in Nigeria i had to take advantage of the summer delight and go Buckwild! what do you think about the shades and lip color,love it?

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AD Afrobikinis2Looking for a fresh new range of sexy swim wear for the summer? ADAMA Paris has the right outfits to have those Men take a second look at you divas!
The creative director behind Adama Paris, Adama Ndiaye, fresh from her participation at the Arise Magazine Fashion Week, debuted her newest collection of Afrobikinis range at a fashion shoot for the contestants of the upcoming Miss Black France to be held in Paris this month.
The range was shot by renowned fashion photographer Mario Epanya and features a beautiful display of separates and singles in styles and cuts to fit different body types.
“The inspiration of this collection was sensuality and womanity” stated Adama. “I wanted to create something that would appeal to different women and make them feel womanly and sexy too”. She added.
The Afrobikini range is a perfect addition to your summer vacation wardrobe. Perfect for your beach trip and also perfect for wearing as a top. Style it with jeans or a floaty skirt or dress and sail into the summer sunset…! you gotta love this collection. I know i do!

For more contact info and to place your orders contact:-

-> Website:
–>Twitter: Adamaparis1
—>Facebook: Adama-Paris


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