Artistic words for my addiction…

The fashionable body is due for a change,

And over the years has encountered a range,

Of shapes and sizes dictated by trends,

Because the quest for vogue never ends…

With a riot of colors she was born to wear,

The fashion cognoscenti all stop and stare,

At those long skinny legs and the prominent beak,

Of a strutting peacock at her artistic peak..

Wrapped in its beauty with a ribbon and a bow,

Deception is the veneer of what you don’t know,

And unless your imagination is completely denied,

It’s a package so pretty but empty inside.

No style or variation in the way we dress,

Fashion has lost its unbounded excess,

And in the sea of bodies not one surprise,

If everyone was born to wear the same size!

About modej'adore

I love Fashion! Health, beauty, hair and entertainment blogger. Abide by my rules and governance so you shall prosper!....Go forth and be FABULOUS!! MODE J'ADORE! (I love Fashion).
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2 Responses to Artistic words for my addiction…

  1. Lauren says:

    who is this poem by? it is amazing

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