Out with the Old…In with the new!

Hey there birdies! I have been away for so long, I missed you all…there’s so much to catch up with you guys on…are you excited?hehe i have got a couple of additions to my wardrobe…photo ups coming real soon and i cant wait to rock them…my newest most annoying pet peeves is wearing a long dress that isn’t long enough and just sits above the ankle? is it just me? those are so annoying ughhhhhh…anyways I’m rambling off now…buckle up and sit tight insane photos coming your way! woohoo 😀

PEEKABOO! rocking my new designer shades…one sunny day in Nigeria i had to take advantage of the summer delight and go Buckwild! what do you think about the shades and lip color,love it?

About modej'adore

I love Fashion! Health, beauty, hair and entertainment blogger. Abide by my rules and governance so you shall prosper!....Go forth and be FABULOUS!! MODE J'ADORE! (I love Fashion).
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